Worth the pilgrimage

Pilgrim coffee- 48 Argyle Street Hobart

Single Origin of love.

Good coffee in Hobart is extremely hard to find, especially on the weekend in the CBD. Almost every store is closed in Hobart from Friday afternoon so for those from the mainland, a morning pick me up is few and far between.

Nestled behind the hospital and the Mercury newspaper offices on Argyle street lies a true lifesaver. Pilgrim coffee stocks beans from Melbourne coffee giants, Axil for their blends whilst providing a kick for their single origins from the likes of Five Senses, Proud Mary and Sensory Lab. To accompany such fine black gold, Pilgrim puts together an array of breakfast sandwiches and lunch items that just melt in your mouth. The added bonus to all of this are the Tasmanian prices. A flat white, double espresso and a couple of breakfast goodies and you’ll be set back as little as $15. Pilgrim keeps respectable hours, starting nice and early for the morning rush and closing later afternoon and is a warm and comfortable home away from home especially during the winter months. Although minimalist, the decor is cosy and natural using warm tones combined with an assortment of chunky timber tables and natural limestone and brick walls. The basics are what make Pilgrim work so well and whether you are dropping in or staying an afternoon, the staff and friendly and full of advice and happy to share.