The very best item to pack

The one thing you can never leave home without when travelling is a head torch.Forget a change of underwear and a rain coat, aside from your passport- a head torch is all you need. You never know when it might come in handy. I have found them most useful during distressing travel moments.

When walking down a back street without lights at night a head torch may be used in a desperate attempt to avoid the infamous poo pile from a stray dog (unless otherwise stated) in the middle of the road or when returning to a hostel in the early hours of the morning. A head torch helps to prevent serious repercussions the next day from fellow roommates after you have woken them all up from switching on the lights.

There are many uses for a head torch that keep you out of trouble, making them a must have item on your packing list. They are compact and fit into the smallest of bags and are quite sexy as a fashion accessory (if you’re into the cyborg thing). They are especially handy in blackouts. If you are a serious budget traveller, you are bound to run into hostels without electricity or at best, the temperamental kind. The only downside to this necessary travel accessory are the batteries. Although the battery life does almost, last forever – leaving the torch on in your bag all day is a sure way to running them dry (it does happen, trust me). Never fear there is a solution that does not involve packing enough batteries for every child’s toy off the Mattel production line; take the batteries out of the torch and replace when needed- genius! You can grab one of these for around $50 (aud) and it will be well worth the investment.