A token female dilemma

I have short hair. Very short boy’s hair. In case you have not guessed, my hair means a lot to me. I used to have mermaid hair, it was so long I would get neck pain when I wore it up – I have A LOT of hair. So naturally, one day, one stupid day, I got enough courage to chop it all off.

The ultimate female dilemma has now raised its ugly head… My hairdresser is pregnant and is leaving me to tend to the growing out phase all on my own. My hairdresser has been with me from the start after a butcher hairdresser in Buffalo, New York made the initial cut and made me cry for a week. Now I must endure the long winded phase out of the pixie and venture into the never never lands of the mullet, the helmet head and the Posh Bech’s bob before I can look normal again. I predict two years of hiding under a hat before it is time to emerge. A lesson in all of this, ladies; while Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow and Carey Mulligan look great with their pixie, unlike us, they can have all the hair dressing staff and hair extensions in the world to get through the worst of it – as for the rest of us, let the grow out phase begin!