Away with the coats and out comes the sunscreen… for one day at least.

I have never really enjoyed summer – being very fair and all, summer is more of an ordeal than a relaxing experience. Whilst many hit the beach to work on their summer glow, I sit in the shade, under a tree, hiding from the sun as much as I can.

Starting the day lathering myself in SPF 30+, which I have to re-apply at least four times a day, I then have to find my sunglasses, hat and scarf before I am ready to leave the house. Despite all of this, for the first time since perhaps I was a child, I have been anticipating the summer ahead. I have put this down to the fact that by Australian standards, Melbourne has suffered through one of the coldest winters in my lifetime. I am ready to see some sun and with the first warm day we have seen this spring, the rest of Melbourne also appear to be ready for the heat.

Cracking a top of 25 degrees today, people appeared to be everywhere trying to catch some sunlight. The walking tracks and parks were bursting at the seams and the school holidays proved to be the perfect excuse for any adult to get out of any prior commitments and indoor activities. The roads were quite of cars and bikes were plenty as Melbournians lost the high necklines and closed toe shoes and dared to show some skin, albeit slightly flaky and pastel for most. The satisfaction and pleasure on people’s faces was uplifting even if I was, stuck inside all day.

Sadly, this early heatwave will be short lived; the Bureau of Meteorology are reporting high winds, thunderstorms and a top of just 13 degrees over the weekend. I guess my shorts will have to wait another week.

The dreary outlook ahead..