Street walking.

It has become apparent that no one knows how to walk in a straight line. In Australia, unlike the rest of the world, we have absolutely no sidewalk rules, which results in pedestrians walking, bumping and running all over the place.
As our population grows, one can only imagine how much worse walking will become. In dense cities around the world such as London, New York and Beijing, the public stick to the rules but in Australian cities; being a visitor must be a
nightmare. Are we ready for a bigger population? 

Just the other day, on my usual route to work (yes, I walk) I was stunned by the audacity of pedestrians as they disembarked the local train station. I, was in the unfortunate position of heading into oncoming traffic and instead of sticking to the left – in the same way that we drive – as common courteously; I was instead, winding my way from left to right to the centre in a bid to avoid the herds of people coming towards me.

I was at a loss thinking what I should do and in that second, three people, from different directions, bumped into me… AND I APOLOGISED.

It ceases to amaze me how cities of millions manage to sustain some form of common courtiousy toward others en-route to work.  Yet, we, a stronghold of just 1.2 million in Melbourne fail altogether. As our roads get busier, as our public
transport becomes more crowded, I do wonder – will we ever stick to the left of the footpath again?