Melbourne Heatwave 2014

As we finally enter the warmer (extremely hot), summer days in Melbourne this week, many wonder how we will make it through. Complaining about the weather, is a favourite past time and this week will surely not disappoint. As we blackout our houses, run fans and air-conditioners, take to the pool, beach or any watering hole in a desperate attempt to cool down, we ask ourselves, what can we do in this heat?

The Melbourne summer heat at St Kilda beach

The Melbourne summer heat at St Kilda beach

Since 1900 Melbourne weather has slowly climbed on average each year. In 2013 the average temperature increase resulted in the warmest year on record for the region although, many on the street would say, it was the coldest.

In all seriousness, this week will be the hottest week on record since 1908. It will be hot, four days over 40 degrees (Celsius). So with that in mind, what can you do this week to enjoy the heat, stay cool and avoid a nasty overheated breakdown?

The movies.

At the movies

At the movies

With Oscar season in Hollywood’s veins, there is some top rated movies out at the moment. Fortunately, cinemas are the coldest place on earth. Check your local cinema for film times, take a cold bottle of water with you and bask in the air-conditioning. Some film recommendations from Margaret and David include;


American Hustle


The Secret life of Walter Mitty

The freezer section of the supermarket.

Freezer section of the supermarket

Freezer section of the supermarket

Never in your life have you needed frozen food as much as you do now. Ice cream, frozen peas, meals in a box and the cheese section are all conveniently located in the chilled section of the supermarket. Go and hang out for a while; it is amazing what the frozen food section has to offer.

Rooftop bars.

gin cocktails

gin cocktails

Rooftop bars are not completely out of the sun, but they are a sure way to cool down and make the most of the heat. As we rarely have warm nights in Melbourne, this week is the perfect chance to take advantage of the balmy nights with a cocktail and a city view. Here are some local open-air bars that will be a great relief this week.

Loop Rooftop

Rooftop Bar and cinema at Curtain House

Naked for Satan

Union Dining Terrace

So good luck in this heat. I hope you are reading this from somewhere cool. Remember to avoid such activities as, the tennis, standing in the sun, hot soup and strip shopping (although I am certain all strip shops are closed  “due to the heatwave”). Good luck everyone!