What to do with your used coffee grinds

From cosmetics to garden mulch, companies large and small are profiting off discarded coffee grinds. With so much coffee consumed in the world, it is any wonder that the market isn’t larger. Instead of cashing in on coffee-based grind products and in honour of International Coffee Day, here are some ways you can put your left overs to good use without spending ridiculous amount of money on the packaged stuff.

Using coffee grinds to save the world one facial at a time.

Using coffee grinds to save the world one facial at a time.

 Create the perfect compost

Whether you’re adding it into your festering compost or straight onto your garden bed, watering the grinds into the soil with the juice of a lime is a great use of your leftovers and on the plus side, your plants will love it and the pests will hate it.

Insect repellent

Ants, snails and domestic animals hate the stuff so if you’re having trouble fighting off insects that are eating into your plant life, you can add the grinds to water and use as a spray or sprinkle small amounts of around your plants. It is also a safe way to stop puppies eating their poo. Just add a little to their dinner plate; they will eat the grinds but the taste and smell once they poop it out, will repel them from wanting more. Conveniently, cats hate it too.

Keeping your garden happy with coffee

Keeping your garden happy with coffee

Say no to dry skin

Mixing coffee grinds and egg whites is a sure way to exfoliate and the cheapest facial you can find. The caffeine is thought to have “tightening” agents, which makes you look more refreshed and rejuvenated. By reducing swelling, redness and and inflammation, the grains act as an exfoliating agent getting rid of dead skin. As a bonus, you can reward yourself by baking a cake afterwards with your left over egg yoke.

Make the most of your brunette hair dye

The change might not be long lasting but you can enhance the brown in your hair by washing it with coffee grinds. Using cold water and strong coffee you can create darker tones as low lights. The effect will be less if you have bleach or highlights but natural hair or if you have brown colour in your hair, you’re likely to get natural looking short term results.

Hide bad smells – car freshener and fireplaces

From reducing the ash in your fireplace to getting bad smells out of cars, discarded coffee grinds can mask any spell. Of course, you have to like the smell of coffee for this one but simply adding dry grinds to your cold fireplace will reduce smoke and ash when cleaning it out. You can also hide the scent of your gym bag by stuffing dry grinds and a vanilla pod into a stocking sock. The smell will be slow release but prevent those smelly socks from offending any travel companions.