About the global rambler

I am from Melbourne, Australia,  currently living in Berlin, Germany. I’m a freelance writer, digital marketing strategist, copywriter and enthusiastic traveller.

Being a travel addict from an early age, I have visited many corners of the world from obscure, offbeat and sometimes dangerous trails in Cuba, India, Burma and Egypt to the bustling western hubs of Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. My curiosity is motivated by outstanding cultures and diverse societies that carry the great pleasures of food, wine and coffee, confronting adventures and political inspirations.

My focus on “paddock to plate” food culture dominates my research and I spend much of my time searching for food and coffee with an emphasis on farming and urban farming solutions.

My love for food, coffee, travel and all things odd combined with my overpowering sense of sarcasm allows me to enjoy the many simple pleasures in life.

Published work: 

If you would like to see more of my work, check out my contributions for GRAM Magazinetête-à-tête & Plate Magazine and Berlin Logs.

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The tech stuff:

I use a Olympus ZX-1 HD/F1.8 camera.

From time-to-time I use my iPhone 7.