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Le Corbusier Pavillon Zürich

Impeccable clean lines, painfully sharp primary colours and elegant finishing’s of minimalism bring the simplicity and practicality of Le Corbusier’s five points of a new architecture together in a blissful, magical place.

Mitte’s Maedchenschule

Berlin’s first Jewish girls’ school or Maedchenschule was built in Mitte during 1835. Renovated by prominent Jewish architect Alexander Beer in 1930, the school developed its new home on Auguststraße with a dominant… Continue reading

Cindy Sherman visits Berlin at the me collectors rooms

Inhabiting the gray area between what is plausible and the absurd,  what is fact and what is fiction, American artist Cindy Sherman takes on the role of both actress and photographer, subject and… Continue reading

Heidi Museum of Modern Art.

Hidden amidst the rolling green hills of Heidelberg, tucked away alongside the industrial landscape of the Eastern Freeway is an ever changing form and presence of culture; Heidi. Since founders Sunday and John… Continue reading

Shameless self promotion – Aus Writers’ Centre Best Blogs 2014 Competition

Hello Loyal followers, Pay close attention to this public announcement… No, I’m not going to enlighten you with my coffee obsessions, travel stories,  cycling rants, foodgazims or Melbourne commentary but, if you like… Continue reading

Water aerobics 1.0

Do you ever think it would be great to splash around in a pool, dance to some rocking 80s tracks and feel like you’ve had a great workout all at the same time?… Continue reading

Street walking.

It has become apparent that no one knows how to walk in a straight line. In Australia, unlike the rest of the world, we have absolutely no sidewalk rules, which results in pedestrians walking, bumping… Continue reading

2am coffee breaks, early morning bike rides and tired eyes – It must be Le tour de France.

Tired eyes return to Melbourne mornings in July as avid cyclists and amateurs hover over their television screens with baited breathe for three weeks of sleep deprivation, caffeine driven work days and trips… Continue reading