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Darjeeling unlimited

Landing in the sweltering summer heat at Delhi airport, filled with weary travellers and families from afar, the humidity is breathtaking and suffocating. Escaping the congestion, to the warm plains of Bagdogra and… Continue reading

Cambodia a country plagued by War but full of spirit.

It is logical that Cambodia was effected by the Vietnam war; as a small Kingdom on the boarder with significant influence from the US, the Chinese and from within, it was inevitable. What… Continue reading

Eleven hours at Yangon Airport.

I have never really minded spending time in transit. I am a small human and although I am getting increasingly impatient with age, the thrill of what is to come from my travels… Continue reading

The great Burmese escape – Inle Lake, Shan State

On a hot July evening at dusk, thousands of people make their way to the quarter acre makeshift (yet somewhat permanent) bus station, approximately twenty kilometres outside of Yangon. The dust and debris… Continue reading

Sex is the city

It is approximately 35 degrees Celsius at first light as the Tuk Tuk’s start up their engines for yet another day of trade. The street stalls are unpacked and come to life with… Continue reading

The charm of a dictatorship – Culture shock and everything in between.

Burma is a beautiful country and it is very hard to find someone who will contemplate harming or bothering you (exception: government officials) but in the major cities of Yangon and Mandalay, people… Continue reading