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London food, coffee and cocktails this winter.

As the cold and dreary days of winter set in on cities around Europe; London with its rain, wind and distinct lack of snow bunkers down. As tourists shy away and locals avoid… Continue reading

A day trip to York.

  Trailing the city wall as it wraps around the centre with bold Roman columns and distinct signs of war, conquest and the towns people, surrounded by freshly cut grass and gardens that… Continue reading

Bamburgh Castle

Dotted across the coastline of the north-east coast of England lies a 10-mile stretch of fortresses. An ideal day trip from Durham, Newcastle or Edinburgh, Bamburgh Castle is the pièce de résistance towering… Continue reading

Glasgow. Where tradition meets the contemporary.

Rolling hills, urban sprawl and hybrid city culture with history: This is Glasgow. What I expected to find was something different; a run down, crime-ridden city with “bad” graffiti laced atop building facades,… Continue reading

Manchester: Home of more than just football soccer

Living in the shadows of football colour rivalry is England’s second largest city. Offering far more than just post-game pub clashes and riots, Manchester is once again a growing city with a proud… Continue reading

Leeds: A pit stop between the North and South

A prosperous Mill Town at the peak of the industrial revolution Leeds today, is UK’s third largest city and is predominantly a university town. The city is an ideal stopover between the North… Continue reading

Two cafes with a strict message for bored Londoners.

London is full of eateries, cafes, restaurants and take-away stores but most are a product of longevity rather than carefully crafted culinary ambitions. Despite this, two diversely different models are meeting the demands… Continue reading

Pret-a-manger is taking over.

Within twelve hours of arriving in London, I spotted 34 Pret-a-manger stores between Tower Bridge and Covert Gardens. That is a lot, even by Starbucks standards. In such a highly concentrated area, with… Continue reading

Setting a new trend for the service industry.

London is finally entering the third wave coffee movement. Although cafes are still riddled with the god-awful Americano and most establishments still don a 1999 illy push button machine, there is rapid change… Continue reading