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Harlem… Where is the Ghetto?

I must admit I was somewhat disappointed when I first went to Harlem. For years, I had painted a picture that emulated a melting pot in NYC, of urban decay still resonant of… Continue reading

Chelsea Market – No ordinary place.

I am often overwhelmed in Melbourne by the enormity of the food stalls, cafes, markets and restaurants that are at my disposal each day. For someone who struggles to make a decision, this… Continue reading

The ACE Hotel complex. New York City.

It is not often we find solace amidst the busy cities of the world. The noise carries like a freight train, echoing in the distance and the hum of cars and people going… Continue reading

The 24 hour city

For many years, New York City has been larger than life as each street presents itself as an idea, a concept and a conventional thoroughfare. Whether it is ‘Little Italy’, the bohemian artistic… Continue reading

The Buffalo Slump

At the turn of the 20th century, Buffalo New York was a thriving epicentre. Like Houston Texas, Buffalo was at the height of its success throughout the industrial revolution succeeding with grain and… Continue reading