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Hortus – under the Cow up a tree

The drab and dreary Harbour Esplanade behind Etihad stadium has little more than the magnificent Cow up a tree to break the monotony of unfinished acres of glass-fronted businesses and empty high rise… Continue reading

Behind the conflict: Egypt and the Sinai

As the call to prayer radiates across the dusty, red rooftops of Cairo, the people have already risen, set for another full day. With approximately 12 million people calling the city home, travel… Continue reading

Darjeeling unlimited

Landing in the sweltering summer heat at Delhi airport, filled with weary travellers and families from afar, the humidity is breathtaking and suffocating. Escaping the congestion, to the warm plains of Bagdogra and… Continue reading

Cambodia a country plagued by War but full of spirit.

It is logical that Cambodia was effected by the Vietnam war; as a small Kingdom on the boarder with significant influence from the US, the Chinese and from within, it was inevitable. What… Continue reading

Heidi Museum of Modern Art.

Hidden amidst the rolling green hills of Heidelberg, tucked away alongside the industrial landscape of the Eastern Freeway is an ever changing form and presence of culture; Heidi. Since founders Sunday and John… Continue reading

CERES – for sustainable living.

Melbourne is full of wide open green-spaces, parklands and gardens. We’re privileged to have some of the most accessible city parks in the world filled with native plants and trees, lawn spaces for… Continue reading

A history lesson of a different kind: Melbourne Museum’s AZTEC exhibition

In 1519 Spaniard and explorer Herman Cortes took beloved Moctezuam II, leader of the Aztec empire, hostage in his own palace, slowly embarking on Tenichtitlan, the capital.  For two years, the heavily armed… Continue reading

The Abbotsford Convent: An urban heartland for culture, art and life.

At any time of the day, on any day of the week, the Abbotsford Convent is a buzz of smells, sounds and life. The Convent founded, and developed between 1863 and the early… Continue reading

Weird and wonderful sites around the world

It is not everyday that we stumble upon a remarkable piece of art, visit a world heritage site or experience a ritual of cultural significance. There are few places or experiences that qualify… Continue reading

Harlem… Where is the Ghetto?

I must admit I was somewhat disappointed when I first went to Harlem. For years, I had painted a picture that emulated a melting pot in NYC, of urban decay still resonant of… Continue reading

Disneyland for foodies: food markets.

Travelling to the corners of the earth is a wonderful joy for millions of people worldwide. Whether we travel to shop, sightsee, work, visit family or just because we can; there are some… Continue reading

White Night 2014

After the success of White Night 2013, it is back for another 12 hours of cultural overkill, social experimentation and weird and wonderful art.

Melbourne Heatwave 2014

As we finally enter the warmer (extremely hot), summer days in Melbourne this week, many wonder how we will make it through. Complaining about the weather, is a favourite past time and this… Continue reading

Eleven hours at Yangon Airport.

I have never really minded spending time in transit. I am a small human and although I am getting increasingly impatient with age, the thrill of what is to come from my travels… Continue reading

Trinidad, Cuba – cobble stone, sun, historical architecture and the sea

As the scorching sun sets on another hot Caribbean day in Cuba, the cobbled stone streets of Trinidad warm up for a big night ahead. As locals spill onto the streets and rooftop… Continue reading

A Melbournian’s coffee guide to New York City – tiny outposts and long lines

Privileged to have access to some of the worlds best coffee, baristas and experiments around; it is difficult for a Melbournian to be satisfied with coffee anywhere else, especially in the USA. However;… Continue reading

Don’t go hungry November in Melbourne at the Age Good Food Guide, Good Food month

The Age Good Food month is heaven for foodies as Melbourne prepares for a city wide, month long celebration of cuisine, drinks, culture and dining experiences. Throughout November, pop-up installations, restaurants and bars… Continue reading

Great travel companions…Books.

Not only is taking a good book away a great way to keep your mind active and prevent sheer boredom on long hall flights and busses – it provides opportunistic ‘stranger conversation’ for… Continue reading

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) 2013

As we turn the corner into the colder months of the year, everything is just that little bit harder to do. Spending nights in, at home, with a cup of tea and a… Continue reading

A day in the Hinterland at the Gold Coast.

Many travellers to the Gold Coast tend to stick to the beach for fun and sun. It is refreshing to soak up the heat and enjoy the pleasure of the salt water but… Continue reading