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Elk Espresso – Broadbeach, Queensland

Tucked away between the Gold Coast Highway and the beachfront at Broadbeach is Elk Espresso. Open daily for breakfast and lunch this find is a great escape from the heat of the beach… Continue reading

The New York City outpost cafe – La Colombe Torrefaction.

For as long as I can remember, it has always been very difficult to get good coffee in the USA. For a country that consumes more coffee than anyone else in the world,… Continue reading

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Every year, without fail I go to the Melbourne International Comedy festival. For me, it is a flagship event in Melbourne that opens up worldwide opportunities for up and coming comedians from home… Continue reading

Mi casa Su casa

“I have good place for you in Trinidad, nice house, good people. Vinalez, I have casa, is small, but people are beautiful” said Anna Santa Maria, the casa owner of 639 Neptuno Calle,… Continue reading

Golden Plains Music Festival – Do I go for the music or the food?

Australian summers are synonymous with hot nights, drinking around the watering hole and chilling out with friends. What better way to do so more than to spend a long weekend at a music… Continue reading

Chelsea Market – No ordinary place.

I am often overwhelmed in Melbourne by the enormity of the food stalls, cafes, markets and restaurants that are at my disposal each day. For someone who struggles to make a decision, this… Continue reading

The ACE Hotel complex. New York City.

It is not often we find solace amidst the busy cities of the world. The noise carries like a freight train, echoing in the distance and the hum of cars and people going… Continue reading

The many social and artistic layers of Ciudad de Mexico.

The smog haunts the city like Monet’s Londres, le Parlement. Trouée de soleil dans le brouillard and the sounds of impatient horns eco between the Aztec, Teotihuacan and Colonial infrastructures that make up… Continue reading

The year of the snake.

As Melbournians trickle back into town after their long awaited January break, the city is alive and raring to go with festivals, outdoor cinemas, new cafes and bars to distract us from our… Continue reading

Life on a tram.

One thing missing from most cities around the world is tram travel. Fortunately the great cities of Toronto, Lucerne and Melbourne are the lucky ones. Trams are a novelty, attracting the interest of… Continue reading

The exorbitant Sydney

For many years, I have tried very hard to like Sydney. It is, after all, Australia’s most well known region, thanks to tourism, the harbour bridge, the Opera House and of course the… Continue reading

Melbourne Hispanic Fiesta

With festivals a plenty throughout Melbourne each year, it is sometimes easy to gloss over them and feel they all overlap into one, yearlong celebration of the arts. It is true Melbournians are… Continue reading

The delightful history of Toronto… and the lure of the backpacker

Toronto is located in Canada’s southeast Province of Ontario. Toronto is the most culturally diverse and poly-ethnic city in the world claiming home to 2.5 million people where one in two residents are… Continue reading

The long haul flight… backpacker style

Long flights and bus trips are just a given part of travelling, especially if you are an Australian. It is virtually impossible to travel anywhere within the country in under four hours so… Continue reading

The great Burmese escape – Inle Lake, Shan State

On a hot July evening at dusk, thousands of people make their way to the quarter acre makeshift (yet somewhat permanent) bus station, approximately twenty kilometres outside of Yangon. The dust and debris… Continue reading

The 24 hour city

For many years, New York City has been larger than life as each street presents itself as an idea, a concept and a conventional thoroughfare. Whether it is ‘Little Italy’, the bohemian artistic… Continue reading

Melbourne Theatre Company – Top girls Carol Churchill

At the peak of her career, Margaret Thatcher gave tens of thousands of women the opportunity to believe they could overcome the female stereotypes of slave, housewife, cook, cleaner and mother.  Although not… Continue reading

Away with the coats and out comes the sunscreen… for one day at least.

I have never really enjoyed summer – being very fair and all, summer is more of an ordeal than a relaxing experience. Whilst many hit the beach to work on their summer glow,… Continue reading

The most popular travel accessory of 2012

I am not fussed by air travel. I am quite a small person, so I don’t take up much room. Like most, I don’t particularly like the middle seat or the window when… Continue reading

A lazy Saturday morning

I don’t know about everyone else but I find it incredibly hard to motivate myself on a Saturday morning. It must be something about the potential sleep in and the knowledge that we… Continue reading