Digital workshops

I instruct a range of digital marketing, communications and social media strategy workshops tailored to business owners and those looking at engaging with online and digital content communications for the first time.

Digital Marketing – Marketing through Digital Media

These sessions are designed to assist business owners engage with their digital audiences. The sessions will cover a range of topics including how to manage social media accounts, write for different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and create a website or blog to develop content marketing via WordPress. Sessions will also include how to use Linkedin, Mailchimp and Google to reach your audiences, both existing and potential consumers.

Communicating in a digital age

If you’re returning to the workforce or to study, the way business is conducted in this digital age develops each day. With new products and advanced technologies being updated regularly, it is important to understand what resources are available that can improve your learning skills, help with time management and develop your learning. We’ll discuss how to use iPads, apps and podcasts as well as engaging with digital learning mechanisms.

How to use Facebook

These sessions discuss the evolving world of Facebook and tackle how to develop your online position in a social world. We will consider the fundamental basics of the platform and how to maintain a personal and business presence on the platform.

How to use WordPress

Having your own website or blog is an easy way to engage with your online audience, but you don’t need an expensive web developer to get started. These seminars will help you develop your own website using WordPress and form an understanding about easy CMS development.

Social Media Strategy

This session discusses the importance and necessity in creating a social media marketing and strategy plan when creating a digital presence for your business. We will consider the length of time it takes to roll out a plan, the planning processes and the importance of having a digital stamp for your products and services.