Urban farming: create a sustainable vegetable garden.

It goes without saying, having fresh fruit and vegetables straight out of your own garden is the best, not in taste alone. Australia has always been a country rich with produce, whether it… Continue reading

Santucci’s cafe

Santucci’s cafe is an institution in Koornang Road. For years, the cafe has been a home away from home for many Carnegietes and is known for its comfortable and inviting homestyle, Italian foods… Continue reading

Disneyland for foodies: food markets.

Travelling to the corners of the earth is a wonderful joy for millions of people worldwide. Whether we travel to shop, sightsee, work, visit family or just because we can; there are some… Continue reading

White Night 2014

After the success of White Night 2013, it is back for another 12 hours of cultural overkill, social experimentation and weird and wonderful art.

Mexican Summer salsa

On a recent trip to Mexico City, the crowded street-food hubs basking in the hot city sun amidst the bustling streets, inspired me to learn more about the jam-packed flavours, colour and history… Continue reading

Water aerobics 1.0

Do you ever think it would be great to splash around in a pool, dance to some rocking 80s tracks and feel like you’ve had a great workout all at the same time?… Continue reading

Melbourne Heatwave 2014

As we finally enter the warmer (extremely hot), summer days in Melbourne this week, many wonder how we will make it through. Complaining about the weather, is a favourite past time and this… Continue reading

Eleven hours at Yangon Airport.

I have never really minded spending time in transit. I am a small human and although I am getting increasingly impatient with age, the thrill of what is to come from my travels… Continue reading

A few of my favourite things this Christmas

Is your gift-giving list this Christmas longer and more difficult to achieve than in previous years? Is your Grandfather that one year older and challenging to buy for? Does your Mum want [to]… Continue reading

Trinidad, Cuba – cobble stone, sun, historical architecture and the sea

As the scorching sun sets on another hot Caribbean day in Cuba, the cobbled stone streets of Trinidad warm up for a big night ahead. As locals spill onto the streets and rooftop… Continue reading

Summer wares

I certainly don’t profess to be a fashion expert, nor do I have the design skills to know what clashes, what matches and what compliments. But, I do love fashion and find a… Continue reading

A Melbournian’s coffee guide to New York City – tiny outposts and long lines

Privileged to have access to some of the worlds best coffee, baristas and experiments around; it is difficult for a Melbournian to be satisfied with coffee anywhere else, especially in the USA. However;… Continue reading

Don’t go hungry November in Melbourne at the Age Good Food Guide, Good Food month

The Age Good Food month is heaven for foodies as Melbourne prepares for a city wide, month long celebration of cuisine, drinks, culture and dining experiences. Throughout November, pop-up installations, restaurants and bars… Continue reading

Street walking.

It has become apparent that no one knows how to walk in a straight line. In Australia, unlike the rest of the world, we have absolutely no sidewalk rules, which results in pedestrians walking, bumping… Continue reading

Touchwood – 480 Bridge Road Richmond.

Bridge road in the heart of Richmond dived further into recession this month, as we saw more businesses forced to close flagship stores due to high rent renewals and slow retail traffic. This… Continue reading

Great travel companions…Books.

Not only is taking a good book away a great way to keep your mind active and prevent sheer boredom on long hall flights and busses – it provides opportunistic ‘stranger conversation’ for… Continue reading

How does your morning cup of coffee get to you?

Here is a quick summary of the ins-and-outs of the coffee grower to roaster process.

Rum. and Bar Economico.

It is hard to imagine Cuba without rum. Rum symbolises Cuba – Cuban culture and Cuban life. From the steamy heat of the night to the refreshing mystique of Cuban music and dance,… Continue reading

five tips on searching for ethical coffee around town.

It is always hard to know where your coffee comes from, how it is sourced and how many people are involved in the buying process. It is great to see ethical standards putting… Continue reading

Melbourne’s obsession with New York City – tacky or tactical?

There have been many coinciding trends between Melbourne and New York City for years now – our obsession with the colour black, the rise in street art, the mystique of the underground, and… Continue reading